Raised so far

Raised so Far

$20 000


You can donate here
Sharon Palmieri
BSB 923100
Acct 31948674
 Remember to pop your name in.
If you don’t wish to have your name published on our thank you page you can write anonymous when doing your bank transfer.
 THANK YOU so much


6 thoughts on “Raised so far

  1. Hi Sharon and Paige, just looked at your website and I think it is great. Lovely to have met you both. May the enthusiasm and kindness you possess be infectious to many others. It is inspirational to see a mother and daughter bonding and working together for such a cause. A huge thank you from all our children at Trung Tam Bao Tro Tre Em. Wishing you all the best. My Huong xx

    • Hi My Huong
      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. It was such a pleasure meeting and spending time with you, Paige and I think you are a pretty amazing woman, your passion for the children was so divine to see first hand. Well what can we say about the children? They were exquisite darling little creatures, couldn’t get enough of them.
      We look forward to visiting again and sharing the generosity of the wonderful known & unknown people in our lives.
      Sharon & Paige

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