Our Project pushbike

Buy a pushbike for $100

Pushbikes are so vital for the kiddies in Vietnam, this is their main mode of transport for them and many families.

Children have morning school and afternoon school, they head home (at our Long Hai Centre) or back to the Centre (Vung Tau Orphanage) have lunch a nap then head back for afternoon school. Some children walk 2 hours to get to and from school, 6 days a week as their family can not afford bikes or the centre just does not have the funds for their children.

Our Project pushbike – was born

This is the story of how it all started in July 2015 read our blog about it here

If you would like to purchase a bike for our children please send us an email and we can give you the details


You could Deposit into our Bank account along with your name & bike in reference

ING Direct     BSB 923100    ACC 31948674

This such a wonderful program, we have witnessed first had the joy on the children’s faces when the bikes were purchased and given to them.