Intimo Lingerie & Tea Party




Sadly this is a private event as there are only so many we can fit into a wee lounge room, you can still help though and not only for Our Project 18 but also to the Uplift Project here’s how….

Our Project 18

Donate $5 for the afternoon tea into our bank account ING BSB 923100 Acct 0031948674 with your name inserted of course (close your eyes and think you are chomping into our homemade lemon slice now take a sip of Preseco to wash it down…mmmmmm soooooo good, that’s the spirit and thank you for your donation).

Check out the Intimo lingerie collection and place your order through me the e-way. Belinda from Intimo will donate 10% of the total sales to Our Project 18 regardless of where the sales come from. Oh Belinda is our very own professional consultant & fitter.

Uplift Project

How you can help, do you have any of these?

Size 8-16, A-D cup ( 30-40 / 80-100 ) in good condition, including crop top styles.
Size 18+, A-D cup ( 42+ / 105+ ) – rare and precious bras – any condition will do.
Nursing bras including crop tops, ANY condition will do. If it will catch a leak it is better than nothing, which is the alternative.
E cup plus, ANY size – even rarer – you will know that if you’ve tried to buy them. Likely to be the only properly fitting bras that a woman gets in her life.

So either bring along if you are coming or drop me a line and I will organise to pick up from you (if in metro Melbourne)

UPDATE on our latest fundraiser from Saturday 14th June

Wow! what an amazing afternoon we had, can you believe there were just over 30 of you all in our little apartment, the buzz was electric and another ‘can you believe it’ you purchased just over $3000 worth of lingerie, you sexy beasts.

The breakdown goes a little like this. $821 was made up of donations from a few of you who could not make it, afternoon tea table donations & raffle ticket sales $320 was donated by our wonderful Intimo consultant which was 10% of the sales. Grand total raised for our Intimo lingerie afternoon tea party $1141.

We are absolutely blown away once again by your support & generosity. Thank you

Money raised for this fundraiser $1141


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