Coins, Coins, Coins and all the Coins

We would love your help

As with most ideas this one started around the dining table, we were talking about having tins around various family & friends homes where we can empty out our car ashtrays/purses/pockets of all those annoying 5 cent pieces which seem to serve little purpose to us but would serve a very big purpose for our little ones at our orphanage in Vung Tau.

Out for lunch with friends one afternoon, yes around another table laden with food, I mentioned our 5 cent idea when Cousin Cathy said “get a collection box and we will put one up at ” being the owner of NRG Force knew this was a definite collection box destination…the collection box idea has now had legs.

The more we spoke to others about the collection boxes the more hands were put up to have one. Not only a business & work but many at home.

We have started one at our place so feel free to collect that annoying small coinage and drop into our box, if you don’t want one of your own.

We found a great supplier of these acrylic collection boxes online and the bonus was they weren’t far from where we live so were able to pickup and save on delivery charges (as it turns out I have done 3 trips in under a week. I spent the day designing (if you can call it that, I am certainly not graphic designer) the insert so we are now ready to go.


WOW what an amazing response we have received for our donation collection boxes. In just a few days we have 3 boxes out and about with 11 more to deliver over the next 2 weeks.. Another big THANK YOU

Raised so far $633.15 ($388.65) and still counting.

Less the cost of collection boxes $244.50.

Raised so far $


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