Our Centres

There are two centres we fundraise for, one is residential, Vung Tau and the other is non-residential Long Hai’

In Vietnam the government owns all orphanages and have directors that run them, that’s how we met My Huong, she is the director of both centres. They fund a small amount for each child per day along with various other things such as medication for the children with HIV and cleft palate surgery. The small amount per day per child does not go very far hence why so many generous people give their time and money to give the children a better life to make their journey a little less dysfunctional to adulthood. Along with many sad stories there really are so many wonderful ones due to the love and generosity of so many wonderful people, I hope to one day share them all.

Vung Tau

Vung Tau is a residential centre. The  children have been abandoned or surrendered in some way by the birth family. They have been abandoned for many reasons, poverty being the main one, the children then live there full time unless they are fortunate enough to be adopted but that’s a whole other story. They go to a local school, unless they have a disability then they are cared for in the centre by the nurse staff. The deaf children do attend a school for the deaf, when they turn 7 years of age. I love that once the children turn 16 they are not asked to leave, even though they are no longer funded for by the government, they stay until they have a trade or job and leave on their own free will. Currently the eldest child is Hung who is 17. I will write a blog about Hung very soon (that’s a really good story).

Long Hai’

Long Hai’ is non-residential. This is a school for very poor children in a 45 minute radius. They have all of their school uniforms made for them by the older children learning a trade. They have a decent meal at lunchtime before heading home to very little. The building was donated by a French body, sadly this centre is not funded in any way and relies solely on donations. When we were last there we bought bikes for 5 children who walk 2 hours a day to get to school (I will write about that very soon also)


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