Our Story

Why?     When?     Where?     how?

For Madison’s 18th birthday (2013) my partner Eleni & I took her to her beloved Japan for 10 days, the experience we shared together was truly divine. For Madison to visit all the places where the inspiration for her illustrating came from, was a dream, not only for her but for me too, as a parent witnessing this is what has made it all worthwhile. To share her first overseas trip was pure joy.

After returning home  in May 2013 the talk started flying around for Paige, who turns 16 in July, to think about where she would like to go for her 18th. With no ideas in mind I mentioned one from my own bucket list which was to volunteer in an orphanage overseas like Vietnam or Indonesia and would she like to do that together, we could do some fundraising over the next 2 years and purchase some day to day living essentials like shampoos and soaps, contribute to school fees or pay the electricity bill for a period of time in fact the list was endless, well Paige absolutely loved the idea and was writing down her ideas faster than lightening… Our Project 18 was born.

Exciting twist, I was online looking at how much it would cost to get us to Vietnam, I came across some amazingly cheap flights, so with the help of Paige’s Dad, Guy, I was able to afford 2 flights to Ho Chi Minh in October 2013. We were starting our exciting adventure earlier than planned.

This is a wonderful experience and a life shaping journey for Paige and one that I am, as a mother, so proud to share. Her enthusiasm, dedication & passion is infectious and she has blossomed before our very eyes. This is not just about Paige and myself this really is our entire family and the children we have just met.

All funds raised will be held in our ING account, earning interest until we go over to Vietnam in July 2015, and decide as a family, where we believe your money will be well spent.

Our flights, accommodation and all travel expenses will be paid by ourselves not from any funds raised.

I hope you enjoy our journey

Love Sharon & Paige

You can donate here
Sharon Palmieri
BSB 923100
Acct 31948674
Remember to pop your name in.
If you don’t wish to have your name published on our thank you page you can write anonymous when doing your bank transfer.
THANK YOU so much

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