Donated by YOU

Here‘s a big THANKS

Over the last few weeks of our chocolate drive (fundraiser #1) we had a several of you wanting to donate cash to our project 18 because you really believed in what we are doing (thank you) or just didn’t want the chocolates anywhere near you, which is fair enough because not only did all those chocolates cost me a small fortune I put on 4 kgs.

Over the last few months money donated by YOU has turned into Our Project 18’s highest fundraiser (I have added the donations we received during our Monsters Uni Movie afternoon to this page now)

So it’s a big shout-out thank you to…….

Kathy Maikousis                                               
Irene Pantazopoulos                                          
Androula Koutrouzas                                         
Lou Barrow                                                       
Donna Redmond                                           
Fi Sproles   Fi also designed our fabulous logo              
Helen Kolavis & Terrie Nicholson                
Brett Jackson
Chris Daicos
Ina & Mia Cherry
Anonymous donation
Sissi & Franciou Stasios
Nancy Toscano
Anna Palmieri & Family
Michael & Liz Albrecht
Tanya Hanouch & Felicity Brinschwitz
Helen Bozikis from Heartlink Essendon
Bec & Sula
Anonymous donation 2
Garry & Beryl Cook (Granpa & Nana B)
GS Forgings (Godfrey & Jim)
Marie Cox
Jenna from CJ Lovable 
Ange Scaffidi

Donations so far $1408

($2838  granpa & Nana B, GS forgings )

If you wish to donate our bank details are below
BSB 923100
Acct 31948674
remember to pop your name in

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