Brig and Krissie from Healthy Fit

Another story of generosity, we have so many so am going to do my best to share them all but for today…

When we were visiting our Long Hai’ centre we had organised to buy 3 bikes for 3 children who lived a 2 hour round trip per day to get to school, when we got to the centre it turned out to be 5 children, all neighbours. My Huong said lets just get the three and they can share. I had a little weepy sook and said that’s not right we have so much we can find the money for 2 more bikes, lets just get them and I will put a call out on facebook and see if anyone would like to buy a bike. (The full bike story here) I swear within 30 seconds of posting Brig from Healthy Fit offered to buy the 2 extra bikes, there were tears, it just felt so good to receive such positive reactions to help 2 little kiddies so a big thank you to Brig and Krissie for your generosity, it means the world to Paige and I but also to the little guys that didn’t have to share their bikes.


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