Our Project Pushbike

The Birth of Our Project Push Bikes.
We had been at the Vung Tau centre for a few days (July 2015) and chatting with My Huong along the way and asking constantly “what do they need most?” “what can we build?” “what can we buy?” “what can we do?”… I’m sure I was starting to become annoying.
Over lunch one story of 3 children (2 siblings and a neighbour) came up, they walk 2 hours round trip per day to get to and from school,  and how she had raised enough money to have a house built for this very poor family ($3,500) and wanted to buy 3 bikes, 2 for the brothers of this poor family and 1 for their neighbour,
We said right this is an easy one, Project 18 will buy one, Eleni and I will buy one and Guy will buy one…he had his head in a bowl of something chowing down *cough* “what” “I said you are buying a bike too” “yes yes of course” clearly he was not paying attention to our conversation.
Off to the centre we go the next day and 5 children are pulled into the office, them having no idea why…My huong pulls me aside says there are actually 5 children, 2 sets of siblings and a neighbour but that’s ok they can all share.
My eyes started to leak “this is ridiculous, we have so much, lets get them a bike each, it’s not fair they have to share, I will put a call out on facebook to ask for the money for 2 extra bikes” sure enough within 30 seconds we had the money for 2 extra bikes, thank you Brig and Krissie from Healthy fit with so many offers coming in over the next 48 hours…a very proud moment indeed.
We popped the little tackers in the car, which by the way was the first time they had been in a car, they still had no idea where we were taking them…pulled up out the front of the bike shop…they knew then what was about to happen.
They were in awe and so very excited, after the bikes were chosen and the best price negotiated by My Huong’s cousin, they watched them being put together not leaving their bikes side.
Because of the overwhelming response from all back home to buy the 2 extra bikes and being their main mode of transport, there is a constant need for bikes. They grow out of them and are normally to worn out to be handed down, new children coming to both centres consistently. there are currently 210 children in both centres as of July 2015
These bikes were $100 each, the bigger one $110..


S far we have purchased 15 bikes
Our Project 18 x1
Eleni & Sharon x1
Guy x1
Brig and Krissie x2 from Healthy Fit
Fiona from x 3 Dusty Cowgirl Designs
Garry & Beryl Cook x 5
This is truly an amazing feeling, to be able to give something to someone that really makes a difference to their day to day life.



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