Fi Fi from Dusty Cowgirl

We have so many stories of generosity since Paige and I started up Our Project 18, here is the first of many we would love to share with you.

I started up my Marriage Celebrant business in July when I was appointed by the Attorney General and turned to a Fiona from Dusty Cowgirl Designs  to help me with my business cards, my what nots, printers etc. so of course emails where flying back and forth, and that was just for the business cards, she did such a great job and my design changed almost completely from “can you just format what I have done” the patient love. When we were throwing around quotes and payment Fiona said do not pay me, the amount I charge you is to go to Our Project 18 .

I was stoked to say the least. Thank you Fi Fi you have done it again.

Oh by the way this is also the Fi Fi who designed our gorgeous logo, once again, her time and artistic flair donated to our project 18. Not to mention her cash donations because she couldn’t stand seeing odd numbers on our raised so far tally. You’re a good egg love, thank you once again your support over the last two years it will always be remembered. x

PS. We have put Fiona’s fee/donation towards 3 bikes (more to come on that project)


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