Visiting Long Hai’

When Paige and I were visiting the Vung Tau Centre 18 months ago, sadly,we didn’t get a chance to visit the Long Hai Centre due to our short stay. We have received many photos along the way though. We helped with a new roof and shoes for all the children. Which was such a buzz.

Long Hai’ is a non residential centre, the poorest of children come here to get an education and at least one decent meal per day, at lunchtime. The children have morning school and afternoon school. After morning school the centre gives them lunch then they head home for a few hours to then turn around and come back in the afternoon, apart from the handicapped children they stay and have a nap during the day. They have all of their uniforms made by the older children learning to sew, I have to say these uniforms are perfectly made. Unlike Vung Tau, Long Hai’ is not funded by the government and rely on donations.

We met with some of the most heavenly children, they just want to play and hold your hand, have their photo taken then see what they look like in the photo.


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