We’re back little bubba’s

We have finally made it back to Vietnam after our last visit, 18 months ago, and we couldn’t be happier to see all these gorgeous children again. Many have gone, as in the babies, which is fantastic but most of the older children are still there, not so fantastic. Sadly the adoption process is so long and arduous if you are not a Vietnamese citizen unless it is a child with special needs this may include cerebral palsy, HIV, blindness, deafness and also children over 5 years of age as they have abandonment/psychological issues then apparently the process is somewhat easier and that’s a whole other series of posts.

On the good side of our visit, yes as westerners we come and go take a few gifts, give them a few cuddles and attention and then leave, I guess my theory is what if no westerners went, they would not receive those cuddles and kisses or gifts and time spent, no one on one time, no special outings, surely that is better for their little souls than to not have volunteers and visitors, there is only just enough staff to cover the must haves/do’s like cooking, feeding, putting on a band aide & bathing just to name a few things, so can’t we give the other less practical buy necessary? Well my opinion is Yes, all of our little bits are better than no bits.

For the record if My Huong thinks you are visiting or volunteering for any other benefit than for the children she will refuse you permission to her centres, which are manned by security.

So here we are in the new centre. The new centre is massive and very white and all concrete, the government gave them this building but there was no funding to fill it, So it still looks very empty. My Huong has some fantastic ideas and some wonderful supporters including US Project 18. Can’t wait to share what fundraiser we have in-store for you and what we aim to purchase. We had such a great time and it was wonderful to share the experience with Paige’s dad and god parents along with Eleni, they all looked through the photos from our last visit however being there was a whole other story and feeling.




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