Melbourne winter respite

It’s feels like it has been a long winter here in good old Melbs so an opportunity to jump on that big jet plane to sunny Brisbane, where I have family,presented itself so I seized it with gusto.
I hadn’t seen my niece since she was a wee babe in my arms, another bonus was meeting my beautiful nephew for the first time, I was super excited.
Well, we got off to a slow start but never shy of a challenge, I was determined to win my niece over by the end of the weekend and what better way to start the chatting process than over a massive jar of coins to put in piles and count that my parents had been collecting for Our Project 18.
I loved her excitement and her little fingers and constant chit chat, Wohoooo Aunty Shazz is on a winner here, bonding has began.
So thanks again Project 18 for bringing a child into your happiness fold and we counted $129.50.
Oh and by the end of the weekend I almost had my little bruiser of a nephew won over.


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