Sausage Sizzle Saturdays – Fundraiser

IGA – Miller St. Thornbury

We approached our local IGA – Thornbury to see if we could have a few sausage sizzles out front to support Our Project 18 for Vung Tau Orphanage and Yay! It was a yes from Sarita, then we spoke with our local council and it is all systems go that end also so….. let the sausage sizzle Saturdays begin.
Off we go to Masters, after shopping around for a reasonably portable bbq and table to finally get our Sausage Sizzle Saturdays up and going.
If you would like to donate a few loaves of bread or  a couple a kilo’s of sausages we would be forever grateful, in fact below is a little wish list for Sausage Sizzle Saturdays to get going for as little cost as possible from Our Project 18
Dates to be confirmed but hopefully every 2nd Saturday starting this Saturday March 29th.

UPDATE…..This has turned into our first fizzer of a fundraiser I am afraid. After several phone calls and sms’s I have had no response so alas we are giving up on the sausage sizzle idea at our local IGA for the moment. We will return the BBQ for a full refund so nothing lost.

Thank you to the following for pledging the componets of Our Project 18 sausage sizzle season. Anna for the sausages, Cathy for the sauce & straws and Guy for the bread, SERVIETTES  & onions. 

Help List

Volunteer your time to turn a sausage with Paige & Myself (send the kiddies)
Sausages  (coles 1.7kg $7)   ANNA
Bread   (Coles wins again $1)  GUY
Tomato sauce  CATHY
BBQ sauce   CATHY
Mustard sauce
Onions          (Woolworths .45 c per kg) GUY
Serviettes (Coles $3.26 for 500)  GUY
Sausage in bread holder thingy
Straws (we will sell cans of drink also) CATHY
Cans of drink
Printing (A little A4/A5 flyer)




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