GS Forgings – Donation

Granpa strikes again

Unbeknownst to us, Granpa has been busy spruking for Our Project 18.

I received a simple yet very pleasing SMS from my Dad, it reads a little liks this “If you and Paige can drop in to Greg Sewell Forgings….a great friend of mine Jim Parsons will have a cheque for the cause for $500…..”

Well you didn’t need to ask us twice, so off we trot to Cambellfield before work (school holidays so Paige was right to go) to meet Jim and collect our cheque. It was such a wonderful feeling chatting to Jim, a total stranger to Paige and I and have him sing my daughters praises after hearing about what she was doing for children so less fortunate than herself, I puffed up with pride.

What was so humbling was when Jim said I hope this money buys a little something for the children, when I told him that only last month Our Project 18 purchased a new pair of shoes for 65+ children with $600 for Christmas ,I watched a really gorgeous smile develop before my very eyes.

A big thank you to Godfrey Stevens (The owner of GS Forgings), Jim Parson and of course my Dad (Paige’s Granpa)

Total Donated by GS Forgings $500


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