Merry Christmas – Gift for the kids

 Shoes shoes shoes & more shoes

It Christmas time again and I can’t stop thinking about all  the gorgeous children Paige and had the most amazing pleasure meeting in October this year so we sent an email to My Huong (Director of our centres) asking if there is anything we could buy for the children for Christmas and was so thrilled to receive this…

“Last Christmas I was able to give every child at our Long Hai centre a pair of shoes and am hoping to be able to do the same this year. I am waiting to hear if the person has agreed on this project or not. I would also like to get a pair of shoes for all children at our Vung Tau centre, so if you would like to cover the costs for this that would be great. We would need 65 pairs of shoes. I want to buy good quality shoes as they can then wear them to school and they will last longer. For our older children the shoes we would buy are about 220,000vnd each and for younger children about 160,000vnd. I estimate about 12 million ($600).”

So Our Project 18 has decided to use some of our funds to purchase 65 pairs of shoes for our beautiful children in Vung Tau orphanage with an estimated cost of $600.

We have also decided that this a project we would like to fund each year. Our Project 18 will have shoes purchased for all the children each Christmas.

Our Project 18 funds used $600

Thank you to



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