Granpa & Nana B – Donation

We weren’t expecting this one.

I contacted my parents to see if they would like us to send up a donation collection box the response went a little like this…. “….batch of kerosene tins buried so we dug one up today brushed off the dirt and direct deposited into your account…..” This was a joke by the way so do not try and locate my father and start digging up his back yard.

“We have also started a little collection of small change so will get it to you before Xmas…….” Thanks The Kerosene Kid

I asked them to phone Paige and tell her themselves (see photo below, I was taking a video but it switched to photo half way through DOH!! it was beautiful) Paige was happy enough until, I am guessing, the point where they said they have donated $1000.00 to her project, then the tears started.

One of the many things I love about this kid is her surprise at everything thrown at her and not expecting anything from others hence why she is so surprised and overwhelmed when it happens which by the way has happened so much in the last four and a half months, so your generosity touches her so deeply.

Total Donated by Garry & Beryl Cook $1000

Thank you Garry & Bery/Dad & Beryl/Granpa & Nana B.


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