Cousin Mathew his own funds – Fundraiser

This made me burst with pride

Mathew is Paige’s cousin who came to visit her after her jaw extension surgery on Friday, along with the rest of the Vacirca gang. What surprised me and the entire family was Mathew handing Paige $200 he had raised for Our project 18. We knew nothing of his solo fundraising adventure.

He came up with the idea of creating photo phone covers, taking orders from friends, ordering then dispatching.

I love what Our Project 18 has brought out in my 15 year old nephew, he took the initiative, came up with a concept then executed it beautifully and in doing so raised $200 for Our Project 18.

Mathew was also one of the first ones to put his hand up to sell 2 boxes of chocolates in our chocolate drive recently.

So here’s a big shout out to you Mathew Vacirca, Thank you from us and I am very proud of you.

Money raised $200

Thank you Mathew


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