Our 1st gift – For the children

Punch balloons x 100 Thanks IGA Thornbury

1 more sleep until Paige and I head off to visit our orphanage in Vung Tau, Vietna,. We can’ t believe we are doing this, it’s one thing to talk about it but to actually  do it, WOW

Last week I confirmed by email our meeting with My Huong Thursday morning and asked if there was anything we could bring over for the children that was difficult to get whilst we were there, as long as it wasn’t to heavy as we are travelling with carry on luggage only so weight was an issue.

We had the best request, being the biggest kids I know “…10 packets of punch balloons….I want to use them for the children for Christmas…there should be 10 in a packet” so on the hunt I go for 100 punch balloons, I went to every shop imaginable to find these balloons $2 shops, reject shops, Kmart, Big W’s, toys are us and the list goes on, I was obsessed and by this stage I was spent. I get home and Paige wants chocolate to coat the strawberries because we had Laura coming over for dinner (one of our biggest supporters of Our Project 18 by the way) so down to the local IGA we go, walking down the first aisle and what does Paige spot? 1 lonely packet of 3 punch balloons, we just about wet ourselves with joy. I happen to see Sarita, the owner of our local IGA and asked if there was any chance of getting 35 packets by Tuesday, long story short and many phone calls later with her Rep and myself BOOM!!!! we have just over 100 punch balloons delivered on Saturday with Sarita giving us a very generous discount for our fabulous purchase.

Now we want to go over for Christmas to see the joy these crazy simple balloons give to the little munchkins.

So thank you IGA Thornbury (141 Miller St, Thornbury VIC) ‎for supporting Our Project 18 and going to such much trouble to get our order in on time for our departure.

Our project 18 funds used $70.00 

Thank you EVERYONE


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