The swear jar – Fundraiser

We have reinstated the swear jar in our house..

When I was trying to be a ‘good’ non swearing parent and lead by example I set up the ‘swear jar’, as it turned out I really did have quite the potty mouth, each time I or anyone else swore they had to put money into the ‘swear jar’… I swear Paige had hearing like a bat, someone could have whispered a swear word 3 rooms away from her and you would hear the words “swear jar” bellowed from wherever she was.

When it is full the money would be split between Madison & Paige and they could spend as they wished. One time the three of us went on a road trip from Melbourne to Brisbane and back so we cracked open the’ swear jar’ and they ended up with $80 each for spending money.

I must have done something right because at 18 and nearly 16 years of age there is still no swearing in this house, well there is a little grey area on what really constitutes a swear word these days.

This morning we opened up the current poorly neglected tin and I said to both girls you can split it between the two you or you could donate your half to our project 18 and get the swear jar going again .Proud mother moment both girls wanted their half to go into our project 18  fund.

Money raised so far $97


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