The chocolate drive – Fundraiser

Our latest fundraiser also our first…

Who doesn’t love a Cadbury chocolate drive? Or more to the point the soft gooey insides of a Freddo Frog or a Caramello Koala?

So our goal for this fundraiser is to order 50 carry boxes with a profit of $20 per carry box (ordering 50 we receive one bonus box)  that brings us to a total of $1020.

We will be asking for the help of our family and friends to put their hands up, voluntarily would be ideal but that won’t deter Paige if it’s involuntary, at the very least you will be getting 1 box.

We will be contacting said family and friends soon to confirm boxes per person.

We look forward to keeping you up to date with our progress of fundraiser number 1.


Well Paige was the champion chocolate drive seller, she was tenacious. Total boxes sold by Paige was 17.

Love Sharon & Paige

Total Raised for this fundraiser $1220

Thank you to our seller of boxes of chocolates

Paige sold 17 boxes, Madison, Danea , Eleni , Rosetta , Daniella , Nancy , Anna, Guy, Albert, Nicholas, Diana, Laura, Sissi, Nancy, Adrian, Sarah, Mathew, home box



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